It was our vision to provide our customers a true device and technology overlapping operating concept for all REA JET coding and marking technologies. REA JET TITAN Platform named ater the chemical
element titanium, a sturdy, temperature- and dirtresistant white-metallic glossy metal which can be used in many ways. Such as our REA JET systems!

• Full Unicode support: all global languages can be
printed for companies with international customers

• Support of all True Type Fonts (TTFs): maximum
design lexibility for your print texts

• XML-based data structure and communication
protocol: globally standard for data compatibility

• Integrated VNC-Server: Remote maintenance tool
for diagnosis and support when required

• Uniform communication protocol for condition
monitoring: allowing user-speciic signal processing

• Consistent graphical user interface WYSIWYG:
realistic display of print contents

• Integrated webserver: enables print system operation
via tablet or smartphone

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