REA JET Labeling Systems ES


Labeling systems are indispensable in the modern world of industrial marking. Labels are especially
used where contact-free marking technologies prove to be insufficient solutions. When automatically
readable 1D or 2D codes must be applied to rough surfaces, for example, labeling can reveal its full
performance potential. REA JET labeling systems are a reliable component of the modern production
environment and provide for dependable workflows.

The REA JET label dispenser was specially developed for the application of pre-printed adhesive labels in throughput operation. The standard system offers dispensing widths of 100 mm to 220 mm. Additional dispensing widths available upon request. With the REA JET ES label dispenser, dispensing speeds of up to 120 m/min are possible. The system was optimized for the following labeling applications: All-around labeling, bottom & cover labeling, side labeling, over-edge labeling and crosstrack labeling.

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