Industrial marking with CO2 Laser systems from REA JET offers a distinct advantage: it is virtually consumableand maintenance-free, i.e. it involves low operating costs. Working with the REA JET CL Laser Marking System is simple and intuitive. It has a graphical operating panel, using a modern rotary knob with push-button function. Unique in the world is just one overall operating concept, used for both the REA JET laser and the REA JET ink jet systems, having but a single set of interfaces! Parallel
user interfaces therefore enable your operating personnel to take charge of several methods of marking. And that will save you both money and time. The compact design and the easy to rotate marking head of the REA JET CL allow for simple mechanical integration. Optional beam turning units enable use in places that may otherwise be difficult to access. Included in delivery is a pilot laser that ensures the system is swiftly set up for operation with new products.

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