Laser Systems


Industrial coding and marking using laser systems has a crucial advantage: it is free of consumables and virtually maintenance-free, i.e. subsequent costs are low. Laser systems lend themselves to all types of marking on organic materials and plastics, glass, anodized aluminum, metals and color removal on any surfaces. One of the main reasons for using laser systems is protection against counterfeiting, and traceability of products due to the permanence of the marking.

REA JET CO2-Laser Applications:
• Marking of glass, wood, engraving and color change marking of plastics (automotive, medicine, consumer goods)
• Labeling cardboard boxes and outer packaging (e.g. in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors)
• All kinds of wood marking
• Layered substrates (e.g. anodized aluminum)
• Direct labeling of foodstuffs
• Laser color change marking
• Color mirror engraving

REA JET Fiber Laser Applications:
• Engraving and color change marking (annealing) of metals
• High-contrast marking of untreated plastics and plastics treated with laser additives
• Layer removal: e.g. day and night design
• Marking using laser transfer foils
• Marking on laminate foils

Advantages of REA JET Laser Systems:
• Simple and intuitive user interface
• No separate PC required
• Product line-independent operating concept for flexible staff deployment
• Ideally suited to track & trace applications
• Permanent, tamper-proof coding and marking
• Machine-readable codes (e.g. DataMatrix and bar codes) and logos in high resolution
• Maximum freedom in design of texts and graphics: You are not tied to one character set
• Very small design for versatile integration into your production process
• Extremely long life expectancy despite minimum maintenance overhead
• No consumables: marking without inks and cleaning agents

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