Large Character Ink Jet Printer (DOD)


The modular coding and marking systems for texts, dates or logos are available in printing heights up to 140 mm for each print head. The resolution meets the requirements of virtually all industrial applications for marking and coding.

These large character systems, with 7-, 16- or 32-jet print heads are easy to use, robust and, due to the modular construction of the system components, highly flexible.

• Absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces such as paper, cardboard, metal, glass, ceramics, stone, wood, plastic, rubber, foils, carpet, textiles, non-woven fabric, organic surfaces etc.
• Under extreme environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, vibration and temperature fluctuations

• Rea’s patented swivel-armature technology: robust and reliable
• Sparing use of consumables
• Suitable for pigmented and non-pigmented inks
• Product speeds up to 300 m/min.
• IP65 protection class
• REA Plug & Print technology (high system availability and process reliability through quick-change system for module components)
• REA Purge & Clean technology (rapid cleaning of the print head at the press of a button)
• REA DSC technology (dot-size control, freely adjustable drop size for economical use of consumables)

Print Head Variants:
• 7-jet (one-line markings at heights of between 3 and 27 mm)
• 16-jet (one- to two-line markings at heights of between 3 and 67 mm)
• 32-jet (one- to five-line markings at heights of between 3 and 140 mm)

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