REA JET Labeling Systems
REA Labeling systems are indispensable in the modern world of industrial marking. Labels are especially used where contact-free marking technologies prove to be insufficient solutions. When automatically readable 1D or 2D codes must be applied to rough surfaces, for example, labeling can reveal its full performance potential. REA JET labeling systems are a reliable component of the modern production environment and provide for dependable workflows. Integration of robots or linear motion devices is always an available option.

Advantages of the REA JET label systems
• compact and modular design with integrated control for easy integration into existing production environments
• parameters are entered and changed via an integrated terminal with backlit and easily legible LCD plain text display
• operation and parameterization can be easily implemented via Ethernet interface
• the system can be modularly expanded with an REA JET HR inkjet printer for fast and easy online marking
• multiple freely confi gurable, digital outputs available
• synchronization with a second labeler possible, automatically engaged when needed without interrupting production (e.g. when changing the label reel)
• precise labeling through advanced control technology
REA JET Robotic Labeling System for pallets and packages
The REA JET Robotic Pallet Labeling System is a fully automatic, flexible and compact system for pallet and product labelling. Equipped with a robot, a label printer as well as feed and removal features, this labeling cell can be used universally. Thanks to the robot, labels can be positioned freely on the package. Moreover, the number of labels per package can be chosen individually.

Advantages of the REA JET Robotic Labeling System:
• Flexible labeling
• Available for different pallet variants
• TTR print module freely selectable (Zebra, CAB, Avery, Sato, etc)
• High labeling performance
• Labeling of different forms and surfaces
• Availabel as stand-alone solution or integrable version
• Compact design





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